Nutcracker Perspectives!: Thoughts From A First-Time Nutcracker Dancer : Part 2

Hi! I’m Emily. I am nine years old and I am an angel in Imagine Ballet Theatre’s Nutcracker this year. This is my first time dancing in Nutcracker, and I’m really excited, especially because I’ll get to be on stage with the Sugar Plum Fairy!

Our first Nutcracker rehearsal lasted an hour and a half…it felt like a really long time! About halfway through the first rehearsal, Mr. Ray laughed and said we looked like bumper cars because we kept bumping into each other as we moved in and out of each other’s lines. Oops! But then we took a quick break and it was just what we needed. I got a drink of water and a hug from my mom, and I felt ready to dance some more. I guess that little break was good for everyone, because we learned our entire routine by the end of the first rehearsal!

We were much better at the next rehearsal, and we are getting better each week. Even though we are working hard to learn our dance, we are having lots of fun, too! I can’t wait to wear my pretty angel costume. Nutcracker will be here before you know it!

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