Guest Artists from Ballet Idaho Jared Hunt and Phyllis Rothwell Affruntini resize

About Us

Imagine Ballet Theatre was created and organized in 2004, under the vision and direction of Raymond Van Mason, former Ballet West Principal Artist and nationally recognized choreographer and teacher.  He wanted to create a pre-professional “youth” ballet company to afford aspiring young dancers professional training and performance experience.  The company may utilize up to sixty dancers, ages nine and up, in a regular season.  IBT makes it’s home in downtown Ogden on Washington Blvd. and 24th street.

Guest Artists Jared Hunt and Phyllis Rothwell Affrun

The young dancers have the opportunity to work with guest instructors, dance and perform with professional guest artists, develop and dance story-themed roles, and help create something really special. . . a family-oriented cultural activity for the greater Ogden community.

In addition to the educational and promotional opportunities provided for the ballet art form, IBT hopes to discover and utilize previously untapped talents from local young artists in helping with set designs, lighting, music, and more.  As an example, one of IBT’s company members is also a talented young painter.  Her high school art class helped paint the set for our production of “Pillow Party,” which featured an enlarged version of one of her paintings.

We also look for young choreographers and musicians whose work might be introduced and/or featured in our program.  For our production of “Getting to Know Us,” the young dancers each chose a piece of music to choreograph to, wrote and recorded their feelings of dance, and the pieces were then interwoven into a ballet.

Children with talent, but limited finances, are also targeted for development through IBT’s programs.

Imagine Ballet believes in the enduring potential of this program.  The talented instructors and a gifted professional artistic director with a vision and drive . . . make it all happen!  IBT’s program is unique to the area, offering opportunities to not only the gifted young dancers, but also to choreographers (new and experienced) that are willing to work with this young, pre-professional company.

In addition to the ballet company, The School of Imagine Ballet Theatre was organized in 2005.  Many of the gifted dancers of Imagine Ballet Theatre receive their training from the school and its well-respected faculty.

IBT was created to encourage involvement in the arts and afford young dancers professional performance experience.  We want to train the next generation of dancers.  Imagine Ballet Theatre believes in the beauty, imagination, creation, passion, and love of dance!  We invite you to be a part of our program through dance or audience participation – you will feel the passion and joy of dance!