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Rocky Mountain Choreography Festival 2012 Finalists

The following Choreographers have been chosen to participate in the First Rocky Mountain Choreography Festival 2012.  Peery’s Egyptian Theater on February 23rd and 24th, 2012.

Emily Bokinskie   ” Compart, Mental Theory”  Ogden,Utah

Tami Whatcott & Fiona Nelson “Falling up to Solid Ground” Riverton, Utah

Monica Campbell Synergy Dance Company “The Final Hours” Salt Lake City, Utah

Laurie Sefton Clairobscur Dance Company Obviam Somes Los Angeles, California

Oswaldo Muniz “Twinkle” New York, New York

Julie Ahlander and Dancers Out of Reach Sandy, Utah

Eden Chase Popped Ogden, Utah

Julie Ahlander and Dancers Espara Vieja, Danza Nueva Sandy, Utah

Laurie Sefton Clairobscur Dance Company Crawl 1 Xipe Tetec 2 Los Angeles, California

Carrie Miles “Anew” Ogden, Utah