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Music, Art, & Dance – Week 2

We’re in the middle of the second week of Music, Art, and Dance here at the studios. The dancers have been having a fantastic time learning more about their three subjects each day.

The students' tiny fairies

One highlight has been fairies: art class has a magical theme this year! The girls have each created a miniature fairy during art that will be used in future projects.

Music, Art & Dance – Week 1

The first week in our Music, Art, and Dance program has come to a close! This program runs throughout June, culminating at the end of IBT’s Summer Intensive Program performance. Our class of little ballerinas, ages five to ten, have had a wonderful time learning this week.

Music, Art, and Dance focuses on each of the three disciplines for an hour each. We start the day with dance class.  For the first week, we have been focusing on the principles of basic ballet technique. Each young dancer is working hard to maintain alignment, focus on turnout, and remember ballet positions.  Learning to dance is like an extremely complicated version of learning to ride a bike – with so many things to think about, sometimes even remembering right from left can be tricky!

The students face the barre, ready to begin morning class


Next is music class. This week, we’ve been learning about all different aspects of music. Rhythm,  pitch, elements of an orchestra, and the way an instrument can sound. The students are learning the difference between woodwinds and brass, the beat of phrasing, and everything about musicality. As the girls attend both dance and music class, they are beginning to incorporate the elements of both disciplines together. This is especially helpful bringing the lessons from music class into their ballet lessons.

Finally, we end with an art lesson. Our focus this year has been whimsy and magic. Art instructor Deanna Richardson has the girls creating their own dance bags, making miniature fairies, and planting the beginning of their own fairy garden. This is a moment of sheer creativity for the kids – they are given instruction, art supplies, and materials, and from there it is up to them. The results of their creativity are amazing! The imaginations of each girl continues to grow and surprise us.

We’ve had  a great first week and can’t wait to continue this month!

Music Art and Dance

IBT’s Music, Art, and Dance summer program for six to ten-year-olds exposes young dancers to three vital components of the arts.

Dancers began their journey by creating art in art class taught by Deanna Richardson. Listening with a better ear in music class taught by IBT’s Company Pianist Greg Bench. Learning more ballet technique in dance class taught by IBT’s Jessica Barraza.