Class Description and Fees

Movement & Music – Krista Shively, Allison Beckwith, Sonya Kryshanovsky
In Movement & Music, children ages 3-5 learn the beginnings of ballet, class structure, and dance practices. A mix of ballet and creative dance, this class is a fun 50 minutes for your independent little dancer.
Pre-Ballet – Tessa Parkinson, Krista Shively
Pre-Ballet begins a more serious study of ballet. Children ages 5+ learn ballet basics, class behavior, and elements of dance. Students also increase emphasis on technique, form, flexibly and rhythm while maintaining a fun learning environment. Recommended two times per week.
Beginning Ballet – Raymond Van Mason, Tessa Parkinson, Krista Shively
In Beginning Ballet, students have mastered the basics and progress to more challenging, longer study. Emphasis includes classical ballet technique with an introduction to more contemporary styles. Students learn more advances techniques and complicated sequences within the classical and contemporary realms. Recommended two times a week and possibly in conjunction with one Pre-Ballet class.
Intermediate/Advanced Ballet – Raymond Van Mason
For the progressing and advanced student. Intermediate and Advanced students have a sold technical foundation with a background in classical study. Instruction now included high levels of technique, contemporary ballet, and choreography exercises. Recommended three times per week.
Beginning Pointe – Raymond Van Mason
Beginning Pointe class is a weekly training and a dancer’s first study in pointe shoes. For the Intermediate student. By Artistic Director invitation only.
Advanced Ballet/Pointe – Raymond Van Mason
Advanced Ballet included rigorous instruction for the well-studied student. Advanced technical ability in pointe shoes is expected for this class.
Beginning Variations – Krista Shively
Beginning Variations is an introduction to variations from classical and contemporary ballets. Students should have pointe experience. Artistic Director Invitation only.
Variations – Raymond Van Mason
The Variations class is a study of the classical repertoire and contemporize choreographic variations. For the Advanced student with pointe experience. Artistic Director Invitation only.
Teen Ballet – Krista Shively
Teen Ballet is a fun, upbeat class for the older beginner dancer. No previous experience necessary.
Adult Ballet – Krista Shively
Adult Ballet is an energetic ballet class for adults. Come for a fun introduction to ballet, or to keep up your fitness and ballet technique. Beginner to Advanced levels welcome. No previous experience necessary.
Pre-Modern – Kelly Alifano
Pre-Modern is for your young dancer ages 3-7, and introduces them to modern dance and creative music.
Beginning Modern – Jessica Haslip
Beginning Modern introduces dancers to modern dance technique and fosters learning and exploring creative movement. For beginning levels.
Advanced Modern – Jessica Haslip
Advanced Modern builds upon the framework established in Beginning Modern. Students study for advanced modern dance technique while maintaining classical elements of dance throughout. For Intermediate/Advanced levels.
Art – Chaundra Wilson
Our Art classes at IBT offer a fun and creative environment for your child. Artists work on a variety of projects throughout the year as they learn the elements of art, style and their own imagination.

Class placement is at the Director’s discretion.  The school of Imagine Ballet Theatre reserves the right to cancel any class if enrollment is insufficient. Any tuition paid will be refunded in full. Registration fee is $35.00/dancer, $50/multiple dancers within the same immediate family.  Registration fee is due at the time of enrollment.
Tuition: $8/45-50 minute class, $10/hour class, $15.00/hour and half class, $20.00 two hour class. Private Sessions will be $35.00 per session and cannot be in place of a normal technique class once booked it can’t be canceled or rescheduled. *All adult classes are $12.00. There will be $15.00/month studio fee. All tuition will be billed quarterly and is due the beginning of the quarter (Aug-Oct will be due by August 21st. Nov-Jan is due Nov 14th. Feb-Mar is due Feb 14th. Apr-Jun is due Apr 14th). A late fee of $15.00 will be assessed after the due date of each session if payment is not received. Invoices will be billed quarterly and sent via e-mail. A return check fee of $20.00 will be assessed for any check returned to the bank.
Annual finance charge of 18% will be added to the account each month at the rate of 1 ½ % on the unpaid principal. Should it be necessary to assign the account to a collection agency, the responsible party agrees to pay a collection fee of 40% of the total unpaid principal, and all legal fees of collection, without suit, including attorney fees, court costs and filing fees.
Credit or refunds cannot be extended for missed classes. However, a dancer may make up a missed class during the same month as missed. Open classes cannot be used as a make-up. We accept personal checks, money orders and a major credit cards.
All payments are mailed to: Imagine Ballet Theatre, P.O. Box 7, Bountiful, UT 84011-0007