Registration for Fall 2014 and Spring 2015!

July 14, 2014 through July 25, 2014 is open registration.  Please stop by the studio between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm to register your dancer.  Class space is limited.

We have schedules at the studio.Richardson414-Ti

Class placement is at the Director’s discretion.  The school of Imagine Ballet Theatre reserves the right to cancel any class if enrollment is insufficient. Any tuition paid will be refunded in full. Registration fee is $35.00/dancer, $50/multiple dancers within the same immediate family.  Registration fee is due at the time of enrollment.

Tuition: 8/50 minute class, $10/hour class, $14.25/hour and half class, $18.00 two hour class,  There will be $10.00/month studio fee in addition to monthly tuition.  All tuition is due by the first day of each month.  A late fee of $15.00 will be assessed after the first day of the month if payment is not received.  Invoices will be billed monthly and sent via e-mail.  A return check fee of $20.00 will be assessed for any check returned to the bank.

Annual finance charge of 18% will be added to the account each month at the rate of 1 ½ % on the unpaid principal.  Should it be necessary to assign the account to a collection agency, the responsible party agrees to pay a collection fee of 40% of the total unpaid principal, and all legal fees of collection, without suit, including attorney fees, court costs and filing fees.

Credit or refunds cannot be extended for missed classes. However, a dancer may make up a missed class during the same month as missed.  Open classes cannot be used as a make-up.  We accept personal checks, money orders and a major  credit cards.

2014 Summer Intensive!!!!

DSC_0370Gary Flannery is here teaching the Fosse style of jazz this makes Gary’s 10th year coming to teach at Imagine Ballet Theatre’s Summer Intensives.  He will also grace the stage Friday Night at 7:00 with Mr. Bojangles a role the Bob Fosse originally choreographed for him on Broadway.  He is also, staging his choreography that he had done for Shirley McClain’s show “If my Friends could see me now”.
Gary is teaching, Bob Fosse’s Original choreography from Damn Yankees “Who’s Got the Pain” and here is a link
Boys who dance
by Luke Amsden
Some men say it is foolish to dance
I say it is foolish not to
I think it is fun to Waltz and Prance
It is great to express yourself in dance
Especially in the 15th century classic known as ballet
You get stronger day by day
Express yourself-work hard too
And see just what you can do
Gina Artese
Gina Artese, former dancer Pennsylvania Ballet and Susan Farrell Ballet.  Actress in Black Swan and 30 Rock TV show. New York City Aides Activist.


By:Katerina Winkler

It is more than walking

It is drifting with passion

It is moving art

Without dance we are un-human

Without dance there is nowhere to breathe

Without dance there is no freedom

Dance is giving up Friday nights

Dance is giving up your social life

Dance is numb toes at the end of the day

Dance is ugly feet

All of this is worth it in the end.

You may feel like giving up

You may cry

Somewhere inside you keep telling yourself its all worth it.

You may question this thought

But just remember all you gave up to live your dream

Remember the friends you lost when you couldn’t go to a birthday party

Remember the way you felt on stage

Remember the way you feel when you dance

Remember seeing pictures of your friends doing things without you

The way you feel when your toes leave the ground.

Dance is striving for perfection

Dance is a feeling like no other


Are words of dance

Passion is the mother of dance

Passion is the key to success

Passion is frustration

Passion is pain

Passion is love

Passion is dance

oswaldoOswaldo Muniz,  from New York City, has been teach technique, variations, and a new ballet he has created for the dancers while here at Imagine Ballet Theatre’s Summer Intensive 2015.
Ashley Beckwith

Striving to be that one Ballerina

Striving to be that one ballerina
The one who’s ready to show what she can do on stage
The one who dances with passion and draws the audience up to the stage
The one who keeps on trying and pushing herself forward
She dances with her heart to show her love towards dance
She dances with her eyes to show how much confidence she can have
When she’s performing, she always makes her part come to life
And that’s what inspires others to want to become a dancer too

PhyllissA Life for a Ballerina

By Sonya Kryzhanovsky (10 years old)

A life for a ballerina is when your dream came true,

Something your mind and body is ready and wants to do,

That you will try and NEVER give up,

Something that you will get good at,

And always love and appreciate what your, friends, family, and teachers do for you to be a good ballerina.


Phyllis Rothwell Affrunti is the featured guest teacher this week at Imagine Ballet Theatre’s Summer Intensive. She is currently a Principal dancer at Idaho Ballet and the Artistic Director of the Boise Dance Co-op a contemporary dance company.



This is the beginning of our inspirational art work that each dancer is creating and then choreographing from.  We have only laid down the backgrounds so far.   Should be a very interesting process.









Poem by Aryana Imani

Dance is the lyrics to a song,

Dance is the trunk to a tree,

Dance is the core to the earth,

Dance is the motion to air,

Dance is the brain to a human,

Dance is the frame to a picture,

Dance is time to a clock,

Dance is the soul to a dancer,

Dance is what holds up a dancers passion.




Ogden Art Stroll watch dancers perform solos for the American Ballet Competition in Boston.

YAGP 2014 SEATTLE SEMI-FINALS Dancers will be performing solos from Sleeping Beauty, La Bayadere, Don Q., Flower Festival, as well as contemporary works created for this competition that will take place in Boston.  Please join us for a bit of dance along your stroll. Featured dancers are Danielle Dries, Catherine Aoki, Katerina Winkler, MaKayla Finlinson, Aleksandra Winkler and Sonya Krzhanovsky.

Christina Stockdale joins the faculty at Imagine Ballet Theatre.


Christina began her training at the age of five in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. At 11 she was accepted to train at the Rock School of the Pennsylvania Ballet where she was able to perform at the Academy of Music in Philadelphia with the Pennsylvania Ballet. In high school Ms. Stockdale also trained at the Academy of International Ballet and performed with International Ballet Classique.

After graduation high school in 2005, Christina Stockdale accepted a position at Manassas Ballet Theatre in Manassas Virginia. While she was there she performed as a soloist in many ballets including Mina in Dracula, The Butterfly in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Snow Queen and Flower Soloist in The Nutcracker and many others.

After two seasons with MBT, Ms. Stockdale decided to move cross country and dance for a ballet company in Washington state: Ballet Bellevue. Ms. Stockdale spent four years with the company as a principal dancer and teaching in the school. She also directed and choreographed several Ballet Bellevue School productions. Her featured roles while in the company were: Aurora and Lilac Fairy in The Sleeping Beauty, Jack Frost in the Ballet Bellevue premiere of The Snowman, Sugar Plum and Snow Queen in The Nutcracker and many others including contemporary choreography by Stacy Lowenberg, Kabby Mitchell III, Jennifer Porter, Keith Derrick Randolph and Angela Sterling.

In 2011, Ms. Stockdale auditioned and was accepted as a company member in Nevada Ballet Theatre. While she was with the company she worked with world famous ballerina Cynthia Gregory and Tara Keating on Georege Balanchine’s Serenade. She also performed with Cirque du Soleil in an NBT Cirque du Soleil collaboration.

At the end of the season in 2012, Ms. Stockdale left Nevada Ballet Theatre and decided to pursue other areas of dance in the fabulous Las Vegas and auditioned and got a job dancing ten shows per week in the now longest running show on the strip: Tournament of Kings at Excalibur.

This year Ms. Stockdale followed her husband to Ogden UT when he was transferred to the military base here. She continues to work at the show as a swing whenever she is in Las Vegas and also guest performs with several ballet companies including Las Vegas Ballet Company, and Kelly Roth Dancers. 

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We have the great opportunity this week to be a part of the Love Utah Give Utah campaign! What’s it all about? This Thursday, March 20th, 2014, you can make an impact by joining with other Utahns for 24 hours of unprecedented giving. It’s one day devoted completely to supporting the organizations, like Imagine Ballet Theatre, that make Utah special! IBT can also win great grants and prizes!

How do you help? First, visit the Love Utah Give Utah website and find Imagine Ballet Theatre:











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Thanks to an incredibly generous donor, this year we will receive a matching grant of $1,000 if we reach or exceed $1,000 by the end of the Love Utah Give Utah event! We would be grateful beyond words to our supporters for this funding if we reach our goal. We hope you’ll donate to Imagine Ballet Theatre this year on our state’s day of giving. Know that each dollar received here at IBT goes directly to improving our program and putting quality, beautiful, and inspiring art on the stage in Ogden.

We appreciate your continued patronage and contribution to our organization, and hope to see you as we present “An Evening of Folktales: Peter and the Wolf and Urashima Taro” on April 11th & 12th!

Thank you,
IBT Artistic Staff

A Tribute to a Friend: Bill Salerno

A Tribute to a Friend: Bill SalernoImagine Award 2010 Nancy Schlagel and Bill Salernoresized

by Jessica Barraza

I’ve been struggling to write this for a few days. In my own life, the last six months have been full of loss, but one never fully accepts that it continues to happen. And yet, happen it does. The news of Bill’s illness, rapid decline, and passing happened so quickly that I and many others who knew Bill well didn’t have time to process that he was leaving us; and now he’s gone. I’ll start at the beginning, and try to do some justice to the incredible man I’ve come to know over the past nine years.

The Salernos came to The School of Imagine Ballet Theatre in its infancy, back in 2005. We had just moved out of the Eccles Community Arts Center and officially declared ourselves The School of Imagine Ballet Theatre, in conjunction with Imagine Ballet Theatre the pre-professional Company that had been founded the year prior by Artistic Director Raymond Van Mason. At the time, Ray, myself, and one other instructor made up the entire Faculty and Artistic Staff of our school, and we used the single rehearsal studio in the Peery’s Egyptian Theater. I taught all of the “little ones” classes, and that’s where Bill and his family came in. Bill’s daughter Marissa was ready to be a ballerina. From the instant I saw the Salernos, I knew these three belonged. I loved seeing a little Marissa holding her Daddy’s hand, walking from his office down 25th street to and from ballet class.

As most know, Bill was a hugely influential member of the Ogden community. He designed many of the structures and buildings that truly define the revitalized face of downtown Ogden. I don’t believe Ogden could be what it is today without Salerno Architects. I know Imagine Ballet Theatre wouldn’t be what it is today without Salerno Architects, either. Bill lent his talents and skill to our sets, designing and constructing most set pieces for IBT’s The Nutcracker. Bill personally and pro bono designed our current home across the street from the Peery’s Egyptian Theatre, as we yet again faced a difficult situation and were forced to move quickly. Because of his incredible talent and unimaginable generosity, we have a space that is customized for our every need as a state-of-the-art dance facility. We could never thank him enough.

Bill served IBT continuously as a board member, as well. I was honored to work with on the board and learn from him as he upheld this position, and many others, throughout the area. He kept us in line, in a lot of ways. Being a small non-profit arts organization is hard. Being a small business is hard. Being an artist is hard. Bill had an eye for all three – and it seemed like he knew what to do in every situation. I’ll always be grateful for the advice he gave us, the directions in which he led our board, and the many occasions he worked with other members of the community on our behalf.

Lastly, I must honor Bill as a dancer. I was privileged to share the stage with Bill as my stage “husband” in IBT’s The Nutcracker in 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010. When injury took me off stage in 2011 and 2012, and then him in 2013, we sighed and laughed and said we’d dance again. I’ll miss our little moments – the times when he would sigh out loud instead of pantomime, roll his eyes at me and almost make me laugh, or when that hobble with a cane was a little too real. We used to talk about his dancing days in college and how much he missed it, and how he wished his knees didn’t give him so much trouble. He appreciated the art of dance so much, and you could see it in his enthusiasm for this annual performance.

Thank you, Bill. Thank you for being my friend and mentor. Thank you for your legacy. Thank you for your work and your dedication to the good things in your communities. We’ll think of you when we see Clara in her sleigh, our giant Christmas tree, and every time we walk into our beautiful home studio. Thank you for your families. Thank you for sharing your lovely daughter with us for so many years. Thank you for trying to make the world a more beautiful and inspiring place.

I believe that’s what Bill wanted to do – make things better, and he supported everyone who wanted to do the same. I know he’s at peace now, no longer with aching knees and back problems, nor facing the debilitating illness that ended his life earlier than we would have liked it. I wish that we had him for a bit longer, or that I’d been able to say goodbye, but for now, I’ll remember all those sunny days along 25th street.

Keep your dancing shoes on, Bill, and we’ll waltz again.

Imagine Ballet Theatre to Hold Auditions Saturday Jan. 18, 2014

ballet boot camp picImagine Ballet Theatre to Hold Auditions

Ogden, Utah, January 7, 2014: Imagine Ballet Theatre (IBT), an Ogden-based ballet company, will hold company auditions on January 18, 2014 at their studios on 2432 Washington Blvd., Suites C & D, in Ogden. Dancers will have the opportunity to audition for the upcoming 2014 performing season as well as the 2014 Summer Dance Intensive program.

Imagine Ballet Theatre’s 2014 performing season will include several performing opportunities for company members, who must be age nine or older. This spring, IBT will prepare and perform a World Premiere new work along with a second presentation of Peter and the Wolf with choreographer by IBT Artistic Director Raymond Van Mason, a former Principal at Ballet West. In February, the company hosts and participates in The Rocky Mountain Choreography Festival, with entries from artists around the nation. IBT will continue its season into December with performances of its acclaimed The Nutcracker, also with choreography by Van Mason. Other performances may be added to the company’s season as opportunities are presented. IBT is widely recognized in the region as providing quality and professional-level performances. IBT received a Utah Best of State Award in 2005, and Mason received a 2006 Utah Best of State Award for Best Choreographer as well as the Ogden Mayor‘s Award for the Arts. Dancers within the company have received recognition and summer scholarships from prestigious ballet companies and organizations such as: The Youth American Grand Prix, American Ballet Theater (NYC), Boston Ballet, Pacific Northwest Ballet (Seattle), The Rock for Dance Education (PA), The Joffrey Ballet School (NY), Ballet West (UT), and others.

Imagine Ballet Theatre’s Summer Dance Intensive also receives national recognition. Dancers who are accepted into the program will have the opportunity to train under professional and former professional dancers from national companies such as Los Angeles Ballet, Miami City Ballet, Ballet West, and Repertory Dance Theater, as well as a former star of Broadway who will teach jazz in the Fosse style. The summer program will offer training in ballet technique, pointe, partnering, modern dance, character development, jazz, choreography and more. Ages for the program are six and up, with an audition required for dancers ages eight and up.

When:                          Saturday, January 18, 2014

                                    Ages 9 and up, registration 9:30-10:00 am; audition 10:00-12:00 pm

                                    For Company members and Junior Company members.

Note:                            IBT Company members are ages 9 and up; Summer Program 8 and up

Where:                        Imagine Ballet Theatre, 2432 Washington Blvd, Suites C & D, Ogden

Dress:                          Young Women: Black leotard, pink tights, ballet shoes, if dancer is en pointe bring pointe shoes, hair in a bun

                                    Men:  White shirt, black tights or shorts, ballet shoes

Registration Fee:         $25.00, non-refundable

Other:                          Dancers must bring a dance resume and photo

For more information about Imagine Ballet Theatre and its upcoming performances and other dance opportunities, please visit