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IBT-AliceInWonderland-Program-P11Application for 2017

Rocky Mountain Choreography Festival is dedicated to the advancement of dance as an art form, specifically through the support and promotion of quality choreography.

  September 1, 2016Cost: $50 per piece ($25 discount)
Date: October 1, 2016: Cost : $75 per piece

Student discount: $30/piece (send copy of student ID with submission)
Please make checks out to  IBT Rocky Mountain Choreography Festival.

• Submit a completed application form, application fee, and DVD per piece submitted.  A  press package and/or background information is recommended but not required.

• Materials must be postmarked on or before September 1, 2015. If your submission materials are postmarked on or before September 1, 2016 you will receive a $25 discount per piece.

• Submitted materials become the property of the Rocky Mountain Choreography Festival.

• Choreographers can submit more than one work. This is for Professional and amateur choreographers. If submitting multiple pieces, separate DVDs and application forms are required.

• TIME LIMITS must not exceed 10 minutes.

• Incomplete materials or those exceeding the Festival time limits will not be processed.

• The DVD must contain only the choreography being submitted. Additional footage makes it impossible for Festival staff to assure the committee is viewing the submitted choreography.

• Professional recordings are not required, but attention to quality, clarity and point of view are essential for accurate judging of choreography.

• A committee will select finalists for both divisions based on the materials submitted.

• Finalists chosen will travel and perform the submitted choreography live at the Peery’s Egyptian Theater before a general audience and panel of judges and compete to have an evening of dance presented at the Peery’s Egyptian Theater.

• Finalists are responsible for travel arrangements and all other related expenses.

• Finalists will be posted on the Imagine Ballet Theatre website www.imagineballet.org
no later than December 15, 2016.

Peery’s Egyptian Theater in February  2016.

“Windows to Bach-Carrie Lee Miles and Amanda Sowerby- Weber State Moving Company- Ogden, Utah

Sanctuary- Heather Nielsen -Independent -Lindon,Utah

Little bit of Love-Nate Freeman- YD- Salt Lake City, Utah

Sinte – Deja Mitchell- Deja Mitchell-Eden, Utah

Pandora-Nate Freeman- YD- Salt Lake City, Utah

In Vain- Hazel Clarke- Kairos Dance Company- Redondo Beach, California

Out of the Ashes-Abigail Hardin-Imagine Ballet Theatre -Ogden, Utah

Male Solo- Rodolfo Rafael- Weber State University Dance Program- Clearfield, Utah

Calvary- Hazel Clarke- Kairos Dance Company- Redondo Beach, California

Sorry, Wrong Number – Alicia Trump -Weber State University Dance Program- North Salt Lake, Utah

Mental Hygiene-Rodolfo Rafael- Weber State University Dance Program- Clearfield, Utah

Unmade- Rebecca Bryant- Rebecca Bryant Danceworks- West Lafayette, Indiana

Delirium- Carrie Lee Miles- Imagine Ballet Theatre- Ogden, Utah

Walking Things Out- Shauna Neddo-Weber State University Dance Program- Ogden, Utah

Pursuit- Emma Chase- Imagine Ballet Theatre- Ogden, Utah


The following Choreographers were chosen to participate in the First Rocky Mountain Choreography Festival 2011.  Peery’s Egyptian Theater on February 23rd and 24th, 2012.

Emily Bokinskie   ” Compart, Mental Theory”  Ogden,Utah

Tami Whatcott & Fiona Nelson “Falling up to Solid Ground” Riverton, Utah

Monica Campbell Synergy Dance Company “The Final Hours” Salt Lake City, Utah

Laurie Sefton Clairobscur Dance Company Obviam Somes Los Angeles, California

Oswaldo Muniz “Twinkle” New York, New York

Julie Ahlander and Dancers Out of Reach Sandy, Utah

Eden Chase Popped Ogden, Utah

Julie Ahlander and Dancers Espara Vieja, Danza Nueva Sandy, Utah

Laurie Sefton Clairobscur Dance Company Crawl 1 Xipe Tetec 2 Los Angeles, California

Carrie Miles “Anew” Ogden, Utah