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Hurray! Help the Catholic Food Bank and get a discount for Imagine Ballet’s Nutcracker!

Please join Imagine Ballet Theatre in supporting the local Catholic Food Bank by bringing a can of food to the Peery’s Egyptian Theater on Nov 15 and 16th, 2012 to receive a $5.00 discount on a $18 or $25 ticket.  This helps them and also, helps support the Arts locally.  Come and enjoy an evening of live music with Nutcracker being played by the New American Philharmonic Orchestra under the direction of David Van Alstyne as well as all the dancers putting their hearts and souls on the stage.

Registration for 2012-2013 August 4th, 2012. New and Returning Students!

The School of Imagine Ballet Theatre will hold an Open House August 4th, 2012, from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm, to register New and Returning Students.  Please come and check out our studios in Downtown Ogden.  Classes will begin August 20th.

The Company will resume rehearsals August 24, 2012, and we will be performing at the Ogden City Farmers Market on Saturday 25, 2012.  We will be starting with new choreography for The Fairy Doll, Peter and The Wolf and rehearsing to dance with Laurie Sefton’s Clairobscur Dance Company from Los Angeles as part of The Rocky Mountain Choreography Festival.  Nutcracker Auditions will  be September 8, 2012, from 2:00pm to 4:00pm, at the IBT Studios.  The location is 2432 Washington Blvd. Ogden, Utah 84401.


Imagine Ballet Theatre’s 10th Summer Intensive 2012

 Week 5

Yi Qi Cheng with some crazy dancers!!!!!!!!!!!








Gary Flannery is here teaching the dancers some Fosse.  This is Gary at the New York Public Library showing of the Great American Revue dancing Mr. Bo Jangles by Bob Fosse.

Also preparing for the show this Friday night at 7:00 pm at Peery’s Egyptain Theater.  For tickets call 801-689-8700.  $7.50 till Thursday tickets go up on August 10 to $10.00.

My muscles quiver and my mind is plagued with doubt. We are ever fighting, fighting gravity; a fight we will never win. And yet we jump and spin and leap…we fly, always to return to the earth. My pulse matches the beat of the music, I take strength from the unity. I am reminded why I fight with all that is in me, for unattainable perfection. Because perfection is not perfect; perfection is a vulnerable heart and an open soul.
Written by Emma Chase

Week 4

The week ends today. . . I had a wonderful time teaching the girls (and a boy here and there too!) at Imagine Ballet!! The work ethic here is phenomenal, and the girls are so open to receiving and APPLYING corrections! A sure sign of a great dancer indeed . . . It’s been such a fun experience for me, coming back to teach at IBT every summer. I have known some of these girls for years, and seeing them grow up in not only age but also ability has been a true joy! Well done ladies! And well done with a beautiful school Ray! xoxo~ Allynne Noelle


We begin week 4 of our Summer Intensive with Allynne Noelle; a Principal Dancer with Los Angeles Ballet, and Former Soloist of Miami City Ballet.

Allynne as “Odette” in Swan Lake at Los Angeles Ballet.





 Week 3  Is coming to an end we have seen the first drafts of the dancers Choreography.  There are several piece with power and emotion embodied in the work. Some that need work and some in the middle.  Now two weeks to the show and things will shift and become.  I hope that you will join us for an exciting evening of dance on August 10th, at 7:00 pm at Peery’s Egyptian Theater cost is only $7.50 before August 9th to help cover the theater costs. Day of Show the cost will be $10.00.  So get in and get your tickets now.

Christie Freebairn Perry former Ballet West Dancer has been teaching this week along with Yi Qi Cheng a former dancer National Ballet of China and Former Ballet West Company teacher.


Christie as Lily in The Secret Garden



Dancing is like a poem
Where each movement is a word
Put together beautifully,
Dancing can almost be heard
Dancing is like a ribbon,
Fluttering in the breeze
Twirling in the grass,
Waving with ease
Dancing is like singing,
Only dancing to the song
Even if you’re on pointe,
Sometimes you’ll get the dance wrong
Dancing is pushing yourself,
Trying to win
After every single dance,
I end up with a grin.
Sierra Leigh Miles

Forever Dance

Dance is not a movement

Dance is not a thought

It’s more like an emotion

Something that is taught


Years and years of practice

Weeks and weeks of pain

But in the end it’s true

We all forget the strain


The stage is where is happens

It’s where we all belong

After so much practice

We are forever strong


We all know the truth

Of every little girl

They dream and wish upon a star

To let their hearts unfurl


To us it is amazing

That dance we seem to do

It is almost a religion

As we try our first pointe shoe


Down the supermart isle

And up the brightened street

Dance is in our bodies

Our hearts, they keep the beat

By Danielle Dreis

Week 2

Laurie Sefton comes this week to work on a piece of Choreography.  She is one of the winners of the Rocky Mountain Choreography Festival and will be working with the dancers in the Summer intensive on a piece about “Bullying”.

Laurie Sefton 2012 People’s Choice Winner for her Choreography

Performance Day

By Abby Hardin


Inhale slow,

eyes closed.

Jittery sweat fills the air,

and I’m greeted by the aroma,

the smell of work,

of determination.


For years my body has suffered,

achieving perfection;

Enduring blisters,



and pain.

Broken body wrapped in a glittering costume.

Nervous face caked with a deceiving smile.


Exhale slow,

eyes open.



three steps out.


I am transformed.

Convincing even myself I am not what I was.

A creature glides across the stage,




filled with an unspeakable joy only then attained

yet never forgotten.




three steps back.

Broken body aches,

sweat steeped air is torn through the lungs,

but deceiving smiles now ring with truth,

for I am human again

but forever changed.

Week 2 comes to an end the dancers have focused, danced, ached and thought about dance on many levels.  Now time to thank Laurie Sefton and have a donut.

Week 1 has begun, as always we all have a few sore muscles, which is pretty normal when you try new things.  Ballet, Pointe, Pilates, Yoga, Modern and Choreography all flying around in our heads.  Here are two poems written by Phoebe Rust:

Different sizes,
Different shoes.
Different races,
Different moves.
Differences don’t matter
Upon the stage.
Our minds connect
Despite our age.
United, we dance.
Same hopes,
Same vision.
Same dreams,
Same decision.
Similarities bind us
Under the blinding lights.
We speak the same language,
We see the same sights.
United, we dance.

Now my heart is bewildered,
My mind a melted mess.
Now my body aches,
I welcome the feeling.
Now my eyes are alive,
Yet my soul is lost.
Now my ears are open,
But I hear nothing.
Now I am truly me.

I have asked the dancers participating in this years summer intensive to determine their top 5 choices for University programs that offer dance programs along with other fields of study that they are interested in.  Here are their Top 5 Picks.

Number 1: University of Utah: For Many of the dancers it is because it is close to home, They offer both Ballet and Modern degrees, Emphasis on performing

Web: http://www.ballet.utah.edu/

Number 2: Julliard: Located in New York City the Heart of the Dance world, Excellent training


Number 3: Duke University: They offer programs that travel with the dance program, They also have a first class Science department.


Number 4: Florida State University: They offer a fall semester in New York City and travel abroad to Spain and France.


Number 5: Brigham Young University:  They offer a wide variety of dance with  a focus on Ballet, Close to home, and for Religious reasons.





Get Registered for Summer Dance Classes Now! Second Session Beginning July 9th, 2012

June 4-22 Join The School of Imagine Ballet Theatre for ages 5 to 11 no dance experience needed.  Class will be held Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 9:00 to 12:00.

Ballet taught by Eden Chase  dancer in IBT and Faculty.

Art taught by Deanna Richardson our artist in residence.

Modern Dance taught by Carrie Miles our resident modern teacher.

Please call 801-393-5000 Between 2:00 and 4:00 M-F to reserve your spot. Register before May 1st and save $30.00.

Cost for the session is $210.00 includes art supplies.  Dancers will put on a small lunchtime performance on June 22, 2012 at 12:00 noon.

Second Session of this class will start July 9, 2012 for 5 weeks on Monday and Wednesday’s from 10:00 to 1:00 pm. Cost is $220.00 for new students and $190.00 for current summer students.



Imagine Ballet Theatre to hold Auditions for 2012 Season

Auditions for Imagine Ballet Theatre will take place Jan 28th. This is to become a member of the performing group that presents ballets at the Peery’s Egyptian Theatre. Performances will include  The Nutcracker,  Alice :Adventures in Wonderland and a new children’s series to take place at our studios. The Fairy Doll will be the first ballet created.
9:30 Registration
10:00-12:00 Ages 9 to 11
11:30 Registration
12:00-2:00 Ages 12 and up
Please be prepared to dance with a resume and dance photo in First Arabesque.
Audition fee is $25.00
Former Alumni Sarah Guyon
Ballet West dancer Christopher Sellars


Ogden, Utah, January 16, 2012: Imagine Ballet Theatre (IBT), an Ogden-based ballet company, will hold company auditions on January 28, 2012 at their studios on 2432 Washington Blvd., Suites C & D, in Ogden. Dancers will have the opportunity to audition for the upcoming 2012 performing season as well as the 2012 Summer Dance Intensive program.


Imagine Ballet Theatre’s 2012 performing season will include several performing opportunities for company members, who must be age nine or older. This spring, IBT will revisit their exciting production of Alice: Adventures in Wonderland with choreography by IBT Artistic Director Raymond Van Mason, a former Principal Dancer with Ballet West and international choreographer, and score by Joseph Horovitz. The company will continue its season with a new ballet Called “The Fairy Doll” , with music by Josef Bayer, originally this ballet debuted in 1888 in Russia. This ballet will be staged for the IBT Studio’s as a piece for young audiences. Then onto December with performances of its acclaimed The Nutcracker, also with choreography by Van Mason. Other performances may be added to the company’s season as opportunities are presented. The company is widely recognized in the region as providing quality and professional-level performances. IBT received a Utah Best of State Award in 2005, and Mason received a 2006 Utah Best of State Award for Best Choreographer as well as the Ogden Mayor‘s Award for the Arts. Dancers within the company have received recognition and summer scholarships from prestigious ballet companies and organizations such as: The Youth American Grand Prix, American Ballet Theater (NYC), Boston Ballet, Pacific Northwest Ballet (Seattle), The Rock for Dance Education (PA), The Joffrey Ballet School (NY), Ballet West (UT), and others.


Imagine Ballet Theatre’s Summer Dance Intensive is also gaining recognition. Dancers who are accepted into the program will have the opportunity to receive training from professional and former professional dancers from national companies such as Miami City Ballet, Ballet West, and Repertory Dance Theater, as well as a former star of Broadway who will teach jazz in the Fosse style. The summer program will offer training in ballet technique, pointe, partnering, modern dance, character development, jazz, choreography and more. Ages for the program are six and up, with an audition required for dancers ages eight and up. The program concludes with a performance at the Peery’s Egyptian Theater.


When:                          Saturday, January 28, 2012

Ages 9-11, registration 9:30-10:00 am; audition 10:00-12:00 pm

Ages 12 and up, registration 11:30-12:00 pm; audition 12:00-2:00 pm

Note: IBT Company members are ages 9 and up; Summer Program 8 and up

Where:                        Imagine Ballet Theatre, 2432 Washington Blvd, Suites C & D, Ogden

Dress:                          Young Women: Black leotard, pink tights, ballet shoes, if dancer is en pointe bring pointe shoes, hair in a bun

Men:  White shirt, black tights, ballet shoes

Registration Fee:         $25.00, non-refundable

Other:                          Dancers must bring a dance resume and photo



For more information about Imagine Ballet Theatre and its upcoming performances and other dance opportunities, please visit www.imagineballet.org.


About Imagine Ballet Theatre

Imagine Ballet Theatre (IBT) is in residence at Peery’s Egyptian Theater in Ogden, Utah. Raymond Van Mason, Artistic Director, created the company in 2004, to offer the company of dancers an opportunity to work with professional artists and foster professional performing experiences. IBT encourages involvement in the arts through The School of Imagine Ballet Theatre and the performing company. Imagine Ballet Theatre has gained national and state recognition by receiving the 2005 Utah Best of State Award for Best Children’s Performing Group, as well as invitations in 2004 & 2006, to perform at “Dance Under The Stars Choreography Festival” at the McCallum Theater in Palm Desert, CA. They returned from the 2006 competition with the Judy G. Mayer Award for Small Groups. In 2005, the company received a certificate of recognition from the Ogden City Council for their contribution to Ogden’s art community. Dancers within the company have received recognition and summer scholarships from prestigious ballet companies such as: American Ballet Theater (NYC), Boston Ballet, Pacific Northwest Ballet (Seattle), The Rock for Dance Education (PA), The Joffrey Ballet School (NY), and others.


About Van Mason

As well as being the Artistic Director and Founder of Imagine Ballet Theatre, Van Mason is an independent choreographer, guest artist and master ballet teacher. Ballet West, Ballet Pacifica, Ballet GranDiva, numerous regional ballet companies and universities have performed his choreographic works. His works have been performed in New York City at Ballet Builders’ New Choreographers on Pointe and filmed by the Lloyd Rigler Foundation for the Classic Arts Showcase. In 2006, he received a Utah Best of State Award for Choreography and the Ogden City Mayor’s Award for the Arts in Dance. While with Ballet West, as a principal artist, he danced many of the leading roles in such ballets as: Romeo and Juliet, Swan Lake, The Sleeping Beauty, The Nutcracker and Giselle, to name a few. He has performed as a guest artist with The Stars of the San Francisco Ballet in Marsielle, France. Mason holds a BFA in Ballet from the University of Utah.

Music Art and Dance

IBT’s Music, Art, and Dance summer program for six to ten-year-olds exposes young dancers to three vital components of the arts.

Dancers began their journey by creating art in art class taught by Deanna Richardson. Listening with a better ear in music class taught by IBT’s Company Pianist Greg Bench. Learning more ballet technique in dance class taught by IBT’s Jessica Barraza.